Stallings Rockstore Bar-B-Q

Welcome to Stallings Rockstore Bar-B-Q

After decades as the only gasoline service station for miles around (circa 1936), this unique landmark building continued to serve the tight knit community of Stallings, NC as a small convenience store, becoming well known to locals as "The Rock Store". Today, this humble little shop prides itself in serving up a slice of barbecue heaven for all who stop by. Stallings Rock Store Bar B-Q invites you and yours to visit sometime for a taste of that smoky Carolina 'Cue'



Sarah Collins
Excellent BBQ pork with just the right amount of smoke! The sides were delicious- I really enjoyed the sweet vinegar cucumbers and onions. The carry out was efficient and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The sauces were spot on- can't go wrong with their Carolina vinegar...
Charles Sanders
Pretty great food. I wish they'd had a special at a value price, but that's okay. Very efficient service!
Sergey Kalashnik
Not a bad place. Can use a little more cleanliness on the sauce caddy. Also the BBQ sauce is the one labeled tomatoe sauce. The pork sandwich had tender pork but required sauce to get it to a great place. :)
Vicki Norman
This place has amazing barbeque! The service is fast and the prices are very reasonable. Being a Southerner all my life and loving good BBQ, I can highly recommend Rock store!
Jackie Patterson
Great service and great food! I've been there numerous times and have not been disappointed with my food choices!
Stephanie C.
Our 1st time!! Small quaint place with an amazing bbq smell that meets you in the parking lot. The owner was there and was very helpful. He gave me a sample...

Monday - Saturday
  • 10:00AM - 7:30PM
  • Closed